Workplace Health & Safety Services Sydney

Work Place Health & Safety is a highly regulated and important part of any business. However trying to stay up to date with legislation and ensure WHS is being attended to appropriately is a concern for many organisations from sole traders to multi-nationals. Precision Integrity Services WHS consultants provide a range of services to help you ensure your organisation, your staff and anyone else coming into your place of business is safe. 

Work Place Policy & Procedure

At Precision Integrity, Work Health & Safety specialists have immeasurable experience in managing risk in some of the most hostile and dangerous work environments that exist in Australia today. This allows our consultants to identify risks where others may not recognise them, developing unique policies, guidelines and procedures fit for your workplace.

Work Place Health & Safety

WHS Framework

Your WHS framework encompasses a range of policies, procedures and plans which manage the health and safety of your workplace, creates a culture of safety and ensures ongoing legislative compliance. Our WHS specialists work with clients to identify the
necessary policies and procedures to ensure your workplace is compliant with necessary national standards in order to minimise work place injury and illness and incidentally minimise costs associated with such issues.

Site Audits

Organisations are required to maintain audit programs and procedures to assess work health and safety management. These audits ensure WHS systems conform to the relevant standards, have been properly implemented, and are compliant with current legislation. Thereby minimising the risk to workers, visitors and your organisation itself.

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

Most businesses are required to have a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) prepared before work that may pose a risk can be carried out. This document identifies the activities which are to be carried out, the prospective hazards and the control measures employed to minimise risks. With copious experience in preparing SWMS, the Precision professionals work closely with you and your team to identify risks and develop measures in response for the development of detailed and compliant SWMS.

At Precision Integrity, not only do we offer workplace health and safety services, but we provide a wide range of services throughout Sydney. So if you need a private investigator or counter surveillance services, Precision Integrity has you covered. Call our team today at (02) 9188 7749.