Beware the Modern Day Trojan Horse

The ancient Trojan Horse tactics take shape today with different mediums and delivery / penetration methods .

We all know the tale of the Trojan Horse. The story of how the Greeks pretended to have withdrawn from the war they were waging and set off only to leave behind a great monument to the victors. Even with some warning against the idea, the horse was pulled inside the citadel only to expel its contents, countless members of the Greek army who then attacked in the middle of the night whilst their victims slept.

Whilst this story may be ancient in origin, the strategies and principles of those who would do you harm remain the same. We would be wise to remember the lessons that can be learnt from history in our own interactions. Today whilst you may not be under siege from an army amassed outside your front door. You likely have been, are currently or will be the target of someone in the future.

Sometimes the enemy is obvious in their hostility. Sometimes the hostility is veiled, but what you can depend on is they are likely calculating plans of attack. As the Greeks understood in their time the best way to do this is to come from within, whilst in a space and time you believe you are safe.

We see this most often in cases of domestic violence. Whilst most offenders don’t leave a Trojan Horse at the front door, they choose an alternate medium to contain the nefarious contents as well as a delivery method that is far more difficult to deny access to your safe space. In these cases the medium that contains the illicit object is a toy or other favored object and the delivery method is your child.

To better illustrate this point, we see numerous matters where domestic violence offenders during access visits provide their children with gifts. These gifts can be teddy bears, scooters, or even electronic devices. Whilst seemingly benign gifts, they are the modern-day version of the Trojan Horse. The child brings the gift back to the house of the victim and it is there the contents of the gift goes to work. Far from releasing an army into the house, these objects contain GPS trackers, listening devices and spy camera’s that provide intelligence to the offender. In the case of electronic devices, the objects may have spyware embedded so all activity can be captured as well as location and sometimes audio recordings. At times these devices are regularly transmitting information, but yet they may also be storing the data for download the next time the offender has access to the child and the toy.

This type of methodology works well for offenders. They know it is hard for a victim to say no to their child having a new toy from the offender. If they do it creates a risk of the child perceiving the victim in a negative light. The “Trojan Horse” is usually an innocuous object which does not raise the concerns of the victim immediately. With the information provided by the embedded surveillance device or spyware the offender has a new way to stalk, manipulate and intimidate the victim. Having access to information they shouldn’t creates a belief the offender has eyes and ears everywhere, you don’t know who to trust and you are always being watched. This restricts the support the victim can access, creating an air of distrust of everyone around the victim and demonstrating a level of power the offender has over the victim.

The answer though is to firstly be aware of this method of hostile surveillance. Two have a plan of how to manage “gifts” should they arrive clutched to the chest of your children and thirdly at any time you suspect you have a trojan horse in your house, car or office use the experts to detect, locate and remove the device for you.

Whilst we have used the example of domestic violence it should be noted the same methodology equally applies to industrial espionage and hostilities from all manner of sources. Whilst the strategy remains the same the medium and the delivery method changes to match the environment in these circumstances.

At any time if you suspect your privacy may be compromised, we can provide you with the expertise and the latest technology to detect, locate and remove any surveillance camera, listening device tracker or spyware for you. Just click on the link below.

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